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GOOD SKIN COSMETICS is a tool that allows those melanated men and women who look like me to be proud of themselves and of their Blackness. This means ZERO apologies for not fitting into a mold of European standards.

Our features and our talents are rich sources of never-ending inspiration that have influenced the world of fashion, beauty + culture, without proper dues. With GOOD SKIN COSMETICS, I’m determined to make sure that Black beauty does not get left behind, and that we take up our place in mainstream beauty culture, economically and socially. With GSC, reflection and pride as a people means strengthening, supporting, and uplifting the next generation to be confident in their own natural Black beauty.

"Good Skin


is safe beauty

that is accessible

for everyone."

Founder, Lisa

Over the past 20+ years in the beauty industry, I’ve been blessed as the former owner of Decor Plus, The Chakra Spa, MUA + Esthetic Teacher + Mentor. During this time, I’ve also been very personally blessed as a mother.

With my Caribbean heritage as my foundation and motivation, my approach to beauty and personal care has always been holistic. However, I had difficulties obtaining natural, healthy skincare products that addressed the specific issues for beautiful, melanin skin. Ever up for a challenge, I created a vegan skincare line for all skin types and skin tones: Good Skin Cosmetics. Botanical in its essence, Good Skin Cosmetics is gentle, uncomplicated, and extremely effective.

Inspired by the legacy and footprint of my own family, Good Skin Cosmetics is also a socially and environmentally ethical brand. Our intentions are pure: we are committed to raising environmental awareness, and to knocking down social barriers. We believe that beauty is about inclusion, in its fullest and kindest expression.